Organize A Cleanup Project For A Person Who Hoards

Organize A Cleanup Project For A Person Who Hoards

Organize A Cleanup Project For A Person Who Hoards

18 April 2023
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If you have a family member who tends to hoard items in their home, you may be concerned about their well-being. After receiving approval from the person you are trying to assist, set up a junk removal strategy that will encourage your loved one to live in a more organized fashion.

Junk Removal Basics

A junk removal project requires that you secure waste containers, recycling containers, and storage containers. You will also need to hire someone to pick up the junk that is being hauled away. Before you invest any money in the project, take inventory of the contents within your loved one's home.

If your loved one has a lot of damaged furnishings, appliances, and other things that they have agreed to get rid of, you will need to hire a garbage removal specialist who is capable of handling large loads of waste.

A junk hauler will specify how much trash their vehicle can hold. They may or may not require that loose trash is bagged up. A trash hauler will usually supply a large vehicle that contains an enclosed cargo area. This type of vehicle can adequately store small and large items. 


If you will be scheduling times for the trash to be hauled away, you need to get prepared in advance. Consult with your loved one about the manner in which the cleanup project will be executed. You and your loved one can focus on one room at a time. After each room is cleaned, you can request that the junk that was accumulated is hauled away.

If you would like to complete the entire project at once, decide the order in which the cleaning steps will be conducted. Since you will be cleaning the entire house, you will need somewhere to temporarily store junk.

A rental dumpster can be used to store waste items. Set it up in an area that a junk hauler can easily access.

Salvageable Items

As you help your family member clean up their home, you are likely to stumble across items that are in salvageable condition.

If your family owner would like to get rid of the items but would rather not throw them away, consider selling or donating the items. Prepare a spot to compile all of the belongings that will be sold or donated when the cleanup project is complete.

Contact a company like All Clear Clean Out & Junk Removal Services to learn more. 

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