Remember These Facts When Planning To Rent A Dumpster

Remember These Facts When Planning To Rent A Dumpster

Remember These Facts When Planning To Rent A Dumpster

29 July 2022
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The ability to rent a dumpster is so helpful, especially when you're remodeling your home or redoing your landscaping. If you have tenants moving out en masse, such as students at the end of the school year, a dumpster is almost required. But if you've never actually rented one before, you'll quickly find out there's more to it than making a phone call. Luckily, the representatives at the rental company should be able to help you navigate all of the choices you have to make. It helps if you know about these three issues when you make that initial call.

The Dumpsters Have Weight Limits

The dumpster you rent will look sturdy and strong. However, when it's picked up to be emptied or removed from your property, the strength of the base of the dumpster will be tested. If you have the right size of dumpster and have not overloaded it, the dumpster will be fine. But if you overloaded a small dumpster with way too much concrete waste, for example, the metal could fail. That's not because there was something wrong with the dumpster; it's because the dumpster was built to hold a different maximum load. When you rent the dumpster, please tell the representative what you plan to place in there so the rep can help you choose the right dumpster.

The Ground Has Weight Limits

When that dumpster is full, it's going to be very, very heavy. That can affect the ground underneath it. Soil and grass can compact down, leaving dents; ground that has utility lines and drain pipes could be affected, and even fragile asphalt and concrete could be affected. If you're not sure about how much weight you can place in a dumpster on your driveway, for example, then when you call the dumpster rental company, ask them for help in figuring out where a particular size of dumpster can go without causing damage.

The Trash You Place in There Will Take Up More Room Than You Think

If you have never rented a dumpster before, re-evaluate the size you're getting. Chances are that what you're planning to place in the dumpster will take up a lot more room than you think. If you can't rent a dumpster that is as big as you really need it to be, you can arrange for the dumpster company to empty the dumpster early. The way you arrange this will differ between rental companies, so ask when you arrange the rental. Let them know that you may need the dumpster emptied a couple of times and need to know what goes into arranging that.

Approach the rental step by step, and you'll find that it's easier to arrange and carry out than you might have thought. Just be realistic about how much room you need and where the dumpster can go to reduce the chances of problems happening.

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