Cleaning A Home Where Hoarding Has Occurred Inside

Cleaning A Home Where Hoarding Has Occurred Inside

Cleaning A Home Where Hoarding Has Occurred Inside

12 January 2022
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If you have a loved one that has shown signs of hoarding, you are likely worried about the condition of their home, as well as the safety of the individual. Going through the cleaning of a hoarder's home is usually an overwhelming process. Here are steps to take to ensure your loved one's home meets their living requirements favorably.

Go Into The Home To Assess The Condition

The first step in getting a hoarder's home cleaned is to know exactly what will need to be addressed inside. You need to have permission from the owner to see exactly what materials are stacked up in rooms. This requires that you speak with your loved one in earnest about your worry about their hoarding signs.

If possible, encourage your loved one to speak with a mental health professional about the reasoning for their actions. This may be a difficult endeavor if your loved one refuses to admit there is a problem. In this case, you will need to contact your local health department after an assessment of the home if you feel your loved one's safety is at risk.

If you do gain permission to go into your loved one's home, make a notation of the type of materials that have been hoarded inside. Some hoarders will collect particular items and keep them in boxes or bins, while others will allow for items to remain in stacks out in the open. This assessment helps you to determine what materials are needed to remove unneeded items.

Remove All Trash And Potential Hazards

Before you get to the sorting and removal of items that do not pose a safety risk, any household trash in your loved one's home needs immediate removal. Stock up on trash bags and find a location to drop off accumulated garbage. You may be able to request additional trash cans for regular town pickup until the garbage is completely removed.

After garbage is removed, evaluate the home room by room for hazards to people and pets inside. This includes items with sharp edges and chemical agents. These need immediate removal or relocation.

Categorize Items, Rent A Dumpster, Or Contact A Service

All items inside your loved one's home fit in one of the following categories: something to keep, something to throw away, something to donate, or something to sell. Go through the home with your loved one and decide upon which category items belong so you can plan accordingly for their removal or relocation. A dumpster is necessary for items being thrown away or recycled. Contact local agencies about donation collection and consider helping to host a garage sale.

If items are excessive, and you believe it would take too long to remove them on your own, it is best to contact a hoarding cleanup service to do the job. This type of business sends professionals into the home to work with the owner to remove items safely and promptly.

Reach out to a professional garbage removal service for more information on hoarding cleaning.

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