Different Types Of Dumpsters

Different Types Of Dumpsters

Different Types Of Dumpsters

17 August 2021
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Garbage removal is essential to get rid of large amounts of wastes that your business produces daily. Whether you have construction wastes, chemical waste, or agricultural waste, you need the correct dumpster to put your trash. With dumpster rentals, you can get the right size and quality you want for all waste types. Here are the common dumpster rental options available.

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpster rentals are usually medium-sized. Two types of dumpsters exist in this category:

  • Front Load Dumpsters. These dumpster rentals have openings on the sides of the container. These openings are used by the arms of the hauler to lift the dumpster over the truck and empty the garbage into the hauler's garbage bin. The slanting design of these dumpsters makes the junk removal process more manageable.
  • Rear Load Dumpsters: Rear dumpster rentals have two extended poles and an inclined backside. Junk removal services usually empty the dumpster with a winch and sled system. The junk trunk fastens on the rear dumpster and lifts the dumpster to empty the trash into the truck.

However, the slanting design at the rear side of the dumpster makes the junk removal process relatively challenging. Hiring experienced garbage elimination companies can help you overcome this challenge. Also, the dumpsters can carry more junk and fit in narrow areas since they're tall and slim.

Roll-off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpster rentals come in larger sizes than commercial rental dumpsters. Hence, they're excellent choices for massive junk removal projects such as landscaping and construction. Garbage elimination services use a robotic arm to pull the dumpster in the truck. Alternatively, the professionals may use a winch and sled to empty the dumpster.


A compactor is sealed entirely, and you can compress the junk with a metal blade. Compactors have numerous benefits, including:

  • Control of bad smells
  • Prevent the wind from blowing away the garbage as they're covered
  • Can carry large amounts of junk, reducing the frequency of junk collection and ultimately saving cash

Due to these benefits, compactors are becoming more popular in the market.

Specialty Dumpsters

Specialty dumpster rentals come with rubber tires and can attach to the rear side of the truck. Ideally, vehicles pull the dumpsters, making them flexible dumpster options. You can drag specialty dumpsters to different locations as you collect trash and access even the most narrow areas. They usually come in medium sizes and may be ideal for medium-sized house renovation projects.

Common dumpster rentals are commercial, specialty, roll-off dumpsters, and compactors. Consider renting these dumpster options in your upcoming junk removal project.

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