Factors That Determine Dumpster Rental Rates

Factors That Determine Dumpster Rental Rates

Factors That Determine Dumpster Rental Rates

27 May 2021
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A dumpster bin will always come in handy when you have a large cleaning project or want to get rid of construction debris. When renting a dumpster, most customers are usually concerned about the price. As you'd expect, the pricing will differ depending on several factors.

These factors should give you a rough idea of how much you should pay your local dumpster rental service. Of course, every company will provide you with a quote, but the following factors will determine the final cost:


Dumpster cans come in different sizes, and each one of them has a fixed price. Large cans should cost you more than small ones. Ensure you evaluate which dumpster size will get the job done before you talk to your local franchise.

Location of the Dumpster Hauler

Dumpster haulers will always include their travel costs into the final price. So, if you're looking for a dumpster for rent, get one that's close to you. This way, you'll be sure of low traveling costs. Besides, going for a company that's far away from your location will cost you more because of the fuel price.

The Rental Period

How long do you intend to keep the roll-off dumpster bin? Of course, it will depend on the size of your project and how fast you can finish clearing the trash or debris. In most cases, the average rental period is 7 to 10 days. The company will also charge you some extra bucks if you extend your rental period.


Dumpster bins always come with an included weight limit, and exceeding it will cause overage fees. That's why it's important to determine the right dumpster size before you order from your local company. Overage fees can accrue pretty quickly when dealing with heavy materials such as concrete or bricks. Always give yourself some additional space in case of unexpected hiccups.

Landfill Fees

Dumpster rental companies are required to pay a landfill tipping fee to empty their waste. Unfortunately, landfill fees differ depending on your city or area. If the cost of living is high in your area, the landfill fee will also be high, and the same will be passed down to the rental rates.

Type of Debris

Most companies offer discounts to customers who are looking to dispose of recyclable construction material. Moreover, clean-loaded dumpsters are much cheaper than those with household hazardous waste. Loading unauthorized material into the dumpster will only attract a higher rental cost. Negotiate the rates with your hauling company as some will be nice enough to offer a discount.

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